Online AZ CCW Courses Violate NRA Instructor Policy!

NRA Certified Instructor Policy Update - November 8, 2011

Attention all NRA Certified Instructors! Below is a policy update from the Training Department for all NRA Certified Instructors and Training Counselors regarding online firearms training courses. 

Due to NRA’s long history of facilitating quality firearm training, the public expects a high standard for training programs bearing the NRA name. Maintaining the high quality of the training programs is of the upmost importance.

The National Rifle Association of America currently has no online firearm training courses. All of our firearm training courses (Home Firearm Safety excluded) have a shooting component on a range. 

Some NRA certified instructors have created online firearm training programs, and have issued certificates to individuals that take their courses, using the title NRA Certified Instructor. 

Under no circumstances may NRA’s name or your NRA credentials be associated with any online firearms training course. If NRA’s name or your NRA credentials are associated with a course, you must, among other things, actually work with the students, face-to-face, to allow you to evaluate whether they perform the safe operation of a firearm, and shoot with a sufficient level of skill. This policy applies to any course which might result in issuing any certificate that bears the title of NRA Certified Instructor, or if the course is associated in any way whatsoever with a certification issued by the NRA.

While NRA allows NRA Certified Instructors to use their titles in association with courses that are not NRA courses, as long as they make a very clear disclaimer that such courses are not NRA approved, the use of a disclaimer is not sufficient to allow you to use NRA’s name or your NRA credentials in connection with an online course. In other words, your NRA credentials and the NRA’s name, trademarks, titles identification numbers, etc. may not be associated with any online firearm training course, regardless of whether there is a statement that it is not an NRA course.

Violation of these policies may result in revocation of your NRA credentials. If you have any questions concerning this policy, please contact the NRA Training Department.

Yours Truly,

Charles H. Mitchell

Manager, NRA Training Department

Who we are…

Armed Personal Defense™ is the expert source for AZ CCW Permit instruction.  Our Arizona based company was founded in 2003 to address the need for quality Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit (AZ CCW)  training and the highest quality handgun training for new firearms owners.  We have provided in-person AZ CCW training to thousands of students in Arizona.  

Why Should You Get an Arizona CCW Permit…

Arizona CCW Permit holders have advantages over people that don't get a permit.  The big ones are:

  • Carry privileges in 36 states with the Arizona permit.
  • No background check requirement when purchasing firearms.
  • Concealed Carry permitted in restaurants that allow concealed carry.
  • Concealed Carry permitted in national parks in Arizona.

Why Our Courses Are Different…

Our training takes a completely different approach.  We don't believe in teaching online courses.  We think  you need real "hands on" training if your are going to be able to use your firearm for personal protection. 

  • We teach you what you need to know to be safe.  
  • We teach you how to handle yourself during a potentially violent encounter with a criminal.  
  • We teach you how to avoid becoming a victim of violent crime.  
  • We teach you what you need to know to survive real-world encounters.
  • We teach you Arizona law as it relates to the use of physical or lethal force.
  • We teach you where you can and cannot legally carry a concealed weapon in Arizona.

In short, we teach you what you need to know to carry a concealed weapon legally and responsibly in Arizona...You will not find a better choice for Arizona CCW training.

Armed Personal Defense™ Intermediate and Advanced Training...

We offer training for all skill levels.  If you a complete beginners or an intermediate shooter, we can help you hone your fundamentals until they become automatic.  If you are more advanced, we can teach you some of the most cutting edge tactics and techniques available anywhere.  Not sure what course you need?  We can do a skills assessment and recommend which course is right for you.  Don't see any course that addesses your needs?  We can build custom programs and curriculums that will give you exact what you want.  Visit our main website by clicking here.

Doug Little, Owner and Director of Training… 

Doug Little is a lifelong shooter and has been teaching firearms courses in Arizona since 2003.  He provides expert instruction in Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Defensive Knife and Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit training.  His instructor credentials include the following certifications:

DPS Certified Arizona CCW Instructor 

CA DOJ Certified Firearms Instructor

NRA Training Counselor - Pistol, Rifle, Personal Protection Inside and Outside the Home, Chief Range Safety Officer

NRA Instructor - Pistol, Rifle, Personal Protection Inside and Outside the Home, Refuse to be a Victim

Senior Staff Instructor for Suarez International - Intermediate and Advanced Combat Pistol and Carbine, Defensive Knife

Certified Crime Prevention Specialist

Doug has a detailed understanding of Arizona law relating to firearms, concealed carry and the legal implications using lethal force in self defense.  In addition to having instructed literally thousands of students in his Arizona CCW courses, he has also certified hundreds of NRA instructors in Personal Protection Inside and Outside the Home disciplines.  

Doug is also a Staff Instructor for Suarez International, the world's largest independent firearms training organization.  Doug joined the Suarez Instructor Team in June 2007 and teaches the bulk of the Suarez Intermediate and Advanced training curriculum in Arizona, Utah and Idaho.  His expertise for Suarez lies principally in Combat Pistol, Close Range Gunfighting, Rifle Gunfighting, Kalashnikov and M4 Rifle Gunfighting and Advanced Kalashnikov and Advanced M4 Rifle Gunfighting.

He is also the author of the Arizona CCW Guide, the #1 online guide to Arizona CCW Law and Concealed Carry techniques.  

Doug Little's complete firearms instruction resume can be found here.

Our Commitment to You…A "No Compromise" Guarantee

If you take one of our courses and don't feel that you got your money's worth and then some, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.  

There are too many instructors out there that 'talk the talk' but cannot 'walk the walk'.

You also have my personal guarantee that I will never teach you any skill that I cannot demonstrate to you on demand.  That is a 'no compromise' guarantee.  

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